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Introducing our captivating Blue Meadow Floral Cushions cover, a versatile piece that transcends style boundaries. With an elusive quality, it suits contemporary, boho, coastal, or Hamptons-inspired aesthetics. The tranquil blue hues evoke calmness, while the intricate meadow pattern adds whimsy and grace.

Pair it with earthy textures for bohemian flair, natural fibers for a coastal theme, or crisp whites for Hamptons elegance. Crafted with premium materials and a concealed zip, it offers both comfort and durability.

Let this enchanting cushion cover become the centerpiece that ties your decor together in a harmonious way. Enhance the appearance of your living area with these elegant flower cushion covers.


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Beautiful Blue Floral Cushions in Australia | Blue Meadow

PriceFrom AU$35.00
Sales Tax Included |
  • 30 x 50cm

    45 x 45cm

    50 x 50cm

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