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Coastal Boho Chic Cushions

If you love coastal chic style retreat style living, then you will love our range of Australian Coastal cushions with a bohemian flair. Whether you're looking for a relaxed beach house aesthetic or a coastal chic vibe, our collection offers a variety of choices to suit your style. 

Buy decorative boho cushions and experience bohemian flair in your living area. From natural boho cushions to handcrafted wool cushion covers, you can choose from a wide range of collections. Multiple colors and sizes with woven and handcrafted designs to meet your preferences.

Shop now and get a welcome voucher for $10.00 for purchases over $60.00. Also, we offer free shipping on all purchases over $150.00. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Who Doesn't Love Chic Coastal Cushions?

Coastal chic interior design inspiration is deeply rooted in the relaxed, carefree beach lifestyle. This design style has captured the hearts of Australians. The coastal style resonates with Australians because it creates a calm and inviting atmosphere. And at once reminiscent of beachside retreats, escapes, and seaside getaways.


A love of coastal chic stems from incorporating natural elements, soothing color palettes, and light, airy textures that evoke a sense of calm, serenity, and a connection to nature.

Styling Tips for Your Coastal Chic Cushion Covers

Embrace the Boho Chic & Coastal Chic Fusion


Achieve a unique and eclectic look by seamlessly blending boho charm with coastal elegance. Mix and match cushion patterns, colours, and textures from both styles to create a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere in your space.


Play with Nautical Motifs


Incorporate nautical-inspired patterns such as anchors, shells, and stripes to infuse your pillows with a touch of seaside charm. These motifs add a sense of whimsy and bring the essence of seaside living into your home.


Create a Serene Oasis


Arrange your cushions in soothing teal, blue, and green hues to evoke the calming ambiance of the ocean. Combine different shades within the same colour family to add depth and visual interest to your space.


Embrace Natural Textures


Incorporate natural fibres like jute, rattan, and woven fabrics to enhance the seaside aesthetic. These textures add warmth and depth to your chic pillows, bringing a touch of nature indoors.


Mix and Match Sizes and Shapes


Experiment with various cushion sizes and shapes to create visual intrigue. Combine square and rectangular cushion covers and round cushions to add dimension and a playful element to your coastal chic decor.


Layer with Neutrals


Balance the vibrant seaside colours with neutral tones such as taupes, champagne, and ivory. These hues, reminiscent of sandy shores, provide a calming backdrop and allow your pillows to take centre stage.


Add Pops of Greenery


Introduce greenery and plant-inspired motifs to pay homage to the lush greens of the hinterland. Decorative palm leaf print cushion covers or actual potted plants can infuse your space with a refreshing and vibrant energy.

The Magic of Coastal and Beach Cushion Covers

Embrace the coastal vibe and bring a touch of seaside joy into your home with our handmade seaside cushion covers. Create a serene oasis with our stylish pillow covers that effortlessly evoke shades of teal, blue, and green reminiscent of the enchanting beauty of the ocean.


Improve your interior with our coastal chic cushions, designed to evoke the calming ambiance of waterside living. From soothing taupes, champagne, and ivory reminiscent of sandy shores, to rich olives, sages, and greens inspired by lush hinterlands, our cushions infuse warmth and natural beauty into any space.

Add a Bohemian Vibe with Our Boho Beach Cushion

Enrich your space with a charming bohemian vibe with our boho coastal cushions. This high-quality cushion blends earthy and ocean-inspired tones reminiscent of tribal art and shore landscapes. Its intricate patterns and textures create a welcoming atmosphere. Pair it with other eclectic pillows, creating a lively, relaxed, free-spirited seating area.


Welcome the boho aesthetic by incorporating natural elements like potted plants and wicker furniture. Our boho-style cushion covers are perfect for living room, bedroom, or cozy reading. It acts as a focal point, inviting relaxation and creativity into your home. Embrace the charm of bohemian style with these captivating cushions, transforming your space into a haven of artistic expression.

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