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Blankets and Throws

Choose the perfect luxury woven throw and blankets that align with your style and preferences. Whether you desire contemporary style, luxurious opulence, or bohemian flair, our collection offers a variety of options. Elevate your space with our stylish knitted throws and cozy additions, transforming your home into a haven of comfort and elegance.

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How to Wash Woven Throws and Blankets

  1. Use a gentle cycle: If the care label allows machine washing, select a gentle or delicate cycle on your washing machine. This will help preserve the integrity of the woven fabric.

  2. Use a mild detergent: Use a mild detergent suitable for the type of fabric. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals. Because they can damage the fibers of the blanket.

  3. Wash in cold water: Use cold water for the wash cycle. If you use hot water, it can shrink or damage certain components. Read the care label for any specific temperature recommendations.

  4. Rinse thoroughly: After washing, run an additional wash cycle to remove all detergent residue from the throw.

  5. Air Dry: It is generally recommended to air dry woven throws to prevent shrinkage or distortion. Lay the blanket flat on a clean surface or hang it over a clothesline to dry.

  6. Avoid direct sunlight: Avoid direct sunlight while drying, as it may fade or discolor. Find a well-ventilated area instead.

Elevate Your Space with Luxurious Style

Hamptons Style Cushions and Throws


Complete your Hamptons-inspired space by pairing your Hamptons throw blanket with coordinating Hamptons style cushions. Opt for neutral tones and subtle patterns to achieve the classic and refined look associated with Hamptons style.


Handwoven Throw for Textured Appeal


Add visual interest and depth to your decor with a luxurious throw. Choose intricate patterns or geometric designs to make a statement and create a cozy atmosphere with a handwoven blanket.


Boho Throws for Eclectic Charm


Infuse your space with bohemian vibes by incorporating colourful and textured boho throws. Mix and match patterns, colours, rugs, and materials to create a vibrant, accessible atmosphere.


Luxurious Throw Blankets for Opulence 


Elevate your decor with designer throw blankets. Opt for plush materials, intricate details on your luxury throw, and rich colors to add a touch of opulence and indulgence to your space. Improve your area with texture, colour, and patterns with our home décor items to create that inviting and stylish atmosphere you envision for your home.

What is the Difference Between Throws and Blankets?

Throws and blankets serve the same purpose but differ in size, purpose, material, design, and portability. They are small, often used as decorative accents, and made of lightweight materials. They add style to sofas, chairs, or beds. 


Blankets, large in size, prioritise warmth and practicality. They can cover beds or accommodate multiple people. Blankets come in various materials, including heavier options like wool or plush fabrics, for optimal comfort. Throws often have intricate designs, patterns, and embellishments, while blankets focus more on functionality. However, terms may overlap, and preferences may vary.

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